educator + strategist + consultant + coach

Robyn Fehrman is an educator, strategist, consultant, and coach who works to build a world of equitable opportunity for all. 


Through Mindful Social Impact, Robyn provides philanthropic advice and consulting to individuals, families, foundations, and corporations to help them consciously align their values and money with the impact they seek to make in the world.   


With a Masters of Public Administration and 20 years of nonprofit leadership and grantmaking experience, Robyn has been on both sides of the philanthropic table. As a social impact practitioner, she brings humility, humor, and humanity to her work.


Robyn's passions also include the intersections of mindfulness and leadership.  Through Mindful Type A Wellness & Leadership, she helps high impact leaders and organizations cultivate more focus, resilience, and joy. Additionally, she serves as Managing Director of the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. 


Robyn lives, plays, and gives in Durham, NC with her husband and two children.